Your website just isn't cutting it

Deep down, you know it. But you’re scared to admit it or make fixing it a priority because when you think websites, all you see are dollar signs.

And honestly - so do I.

But not for the reasons you think I do.

I see you losing thousands of dollars in sales, connections, leads, and opportunities.

Here’s what business owners like you and I often forget:

Your website isn’t for you - it’s for people who want to get to know you and maybe even buy from you.

Their impression of your website is their impression of your business, whether you want to admit it or not.

Poor design, hard to navigate menus, a million pop ups and an unclear information architecture? Fancy fonts that are cute but illegible, your basic corporate stock images that don’t establish anything but the fact that your business lacks some personality... I’m telling you... your dream potential clients see that and run.

Wouldn’t you?!

Yes, you probably have clients and sales despite it all.

Yes, it’s not all about design or looking good. But it IS about building the good things into your brand. Making promises and keeping them. Helping potential clients understand who you are and what you do and how you can help them.

And with a shoddy website, your chance to invest in your brand on your own terms? Shot.

Promises of quality? Shot.

Helping them understand you? 100% shot because nobody has any idea what you’re doing.

First impressions are worth investing in.

Because undoing a first impression is wayyyy more expensive than just doing it right the first time around.

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