E-Commerce Website for Flour Child Baked Goods

Flour Child Baked Goods is a bakery with big goals based in Midland, TX. Founded by Crystal and Joshua, this family-run bakery has set out to reinvent biscotti (hint: it’s AMAZING) while giving back to the foster care community, beyond just financially, but also through volunteering and making it a first priority to hire young adults graduating out of the foster care system. 

Joshua and Crystal are absolute gems, and I’m so grateful for the initial introduction and ongoing collaboration with their incredible brand designer, Carmen Frugé.


Flour Child needed a website primarily focused on getting orders, both regular retail for the general public, along with a protected wholesale section allowing for quick ordering for their buying partners. They were in the trenches working on getting so many aspects of their business up-and-running, and getting a website that was ready to take orders was critical for their next steps.


After talking with Joshua extensively to assess their needs, I set out on a research mission to find the e-commerce platform that would make the most sense for their needs and budget, including the somewhat complex wholesale section. 

I landed on Shopify as the best solution, and started designing the site, using some custom Liquid code alongside two apps to customize the whole experience for their customers.


The end result is a website built on Shopify that reflects Flour Child’s personality and mission while inviting sales from the get-go, all while leaving a lot of room for flexibility and growth as they scale.

“Mandy & Hopp Creative walked us through the entire process and delivered a site that surpassed anything we could’ve hoped for! Exceptional value and service!”

- Crystal and Joshua Foley, Co-Founders of Flour Child Baked Goods

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