Brand + Webflow Website for Nishat Works

Nishat Works is a one-stop-shop to help e-commerce brand founders get the perfect health coverage in under 1 hour, for free! I was fortunate enough to get to know Nishat through the scholarship application we offered while launching our Simple + Magnetic package, and am so grateful we were able to connect. She is a joy to work with, and her story is inspiring! Plus - I’ve been so grateful to have a connection who knows so much about health insurance - anyone who’s self-employed in the U.S. knows what a struggle it can be!

Project Goals

When Nishat and I met, she was in the beginning stages of launching her new business. She had a logomark that she liked, but needed a full brand identity and a website that would attract her ideal clients (e-commerce brand founders) and make it easy for them to connect with her about health insurance!


After the questionnaire and kick-off call, the Hopp Creative team got to work curating brand palettes and typography that would pair well with her existing logomark. After a few iterations, we ended up expanding upon the initial logomark - keeping the original concept, but reinventing it to match the Gen-Z friendly brand vibe we were aiming for!

Armed with the new brand guidelines, we curated 3 Webflow website templates for Nishat to choose from (our Simple and Magnetic package is our template-based website package!). Once she selected her favorite, we applied Nishat’s new color palette, typography, and logo to the template, and rearranged each page to make her content fit and flow easily for users. After two rounds of revisions, we were ready to launch!

The Result

Nishat’s new brand and website has made it SO easy for her ideal clients to understand her offerings, and book a call to get started, which has helped her grow her business massively in the months since we launched!

"THE ABSOLUTE BEST!! Working with Hopp Creative was such a great and wonderful experience! They really brought out my vision and mental image into reality in terms of graphic designs and my website. Mandy is an absolute delight to work with, she has so much patience and flexibility, i just love it. I highly recommend working with her and her whole team!"

- Nishat Ara Zaman, Owner of Nishat Works

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