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Lemay Story Studio is a copywriting studio for people-first businesses that makes copy feel, look, and sound like you! Maddie, the owner, and I met through a networking group, and instantly hit it off - now we work together on website projects regularly for clients! Her brand and website were our initial “test run” together - and I’d say it worked out really well :) 

Long story short, Maddie is an absolutely joy to work with and it was our honor to bring her copy to life through our Simple and Magnetic package!

Project Goals

In Maddie’s first year of business, she put together a website in Squarespace and had a placeholder brand, but nothing that felt like her and her vision for her copywriting business! Our goal was to identify the essence of vision, encapsulate that into a visual brand, including a logo, logomark, colors, and font selections - and then translate that brand into a full website build.


After reviewing her project questionnaire (writers are awesome at filling those out 👏) and talking through everything on our project kick-off call, we started working on brand concepts. We landed on a midwest summer in the northwoods overall concept which fit in well with Maddie’s business - storytelling! (like around a campfire) - and represented her midwest work ethic and her love of Minnesota summers well! The pine tree as her logomark paired with a custom, handwritten “Lemay” and typewriter-inspired font for her logo flowed from there, alongside a relaxing, deep, nature-inspired color palette.

From there, we curated 3 Webflow website templates that we felt would fit her brand for Maddie to choose from (our Simple and Magnetic package is our template-based website package!). Once she chose her favorite, got to work editing the template and reworking the pages to fit her brand and her content. Two rounds of minor revisions later, and we were ready to launch!

The Result

Since Maddie’s brand and website relaunch, her confidence in sharing her website has soared, and a few spin-off projects have formed based on her brand, like her email newsletter called “Campfire Stories”. In the first few weeks, she emailed me a few times to let me know people were finding her online and booking calls. And, in the 10 months since launch, she’s been able to build her business from a team of one to a team of several, filling her project calendar 1-2 months in advance!

We’re so excited to keep working with Maddie to provide our clients with outstanding website copy, and cheering her on as she serves so many of her own amazing clients with all sorts of copy services!

"Mandy took my brand and website to an entirely new level. If you work with her, you'll be happy with what she creates for you, because she really takes the time to understand exactly what you're looking for. I am so happy my small business invested in her services and I'm already seeing results! And I absolutely LOVE my new website!"

- Maddie Lemay, Founder of Lemay Story Studio

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